6 Most Common Problems That Home Inspectors Find

If you are nervous that a home inspector is coming to your house to conduct an evaluation, then there must be something in your house that needs improvement. Let me tell you the usual things that the inspectors find in your home as a problem. The information I will give you are the things that always appear on their report.

1. Wirings


You have to make sure that the electrical wirings inside your home are in perfect condition. You don’t want to have your home evaluated as unsafe after the inspection right?

2. Basement Issue


The basement is one part of the house that is usually neglected. The funny thing is that home inspectors never forget to inspect this part of the house. Make sure there are no water residue and any signs of pests in your basement.

3. Roof


One broken roof material can cause a problem in your inspection report. Make sure that there is no debris hanging around. All shingles should be in place and perfect condition.

4. Cracks


Cracks on the wall or the floor are hot in the eyes of a home inspector. It won’t matter to them if it is small because it will still be listed as a crack found in the report.

5. Plumbing


You can be a hundred percent sure that home inspectors will check drainage, water supply, sinks and any water leaks. Hire a plumber if needed to get it fixed before a home inspection.

6. Ventilation


The inspector will not just evaluate your home by what he can see. If the home inspector can feel the unnecessary heat in the basement or the attic specifically, then it will surely be included in the report. Before that happens, you should install added vents to get a passing score.

Now that you know the common problems that inspectors find during an evaluation, it is easier for you to ensure that those things will be in perfect condition and not only will you have happy viewings/viewers but it will also keep the realtor please also says Suzanne McGhee, a Tallahassee realtor with over 20 years experience.