6 Things That You Can Do To Pass A Home Inspection

When you are at the point of trying to sell your house, you just can’t help but be nervous when we hear about the home inspection required by the buyer. Of course, we can’t help it if there are minor things that need improvement in our home but we can surely do something to pass the home inspection. Let me share some tips that you can do so you can pass a home inspection with flying colors.

1. Clear the clogs

Before the inspection day, you should make sure that you run your version of evaluation in your house. Check every sink inside the house and ensure that everything is working fine.

2. Light Bulbs

Double check your lights. It doesn’t matter on which part of the house but you should make sure that all lights are working.

3. Clean the filters

Yes, you may be thinking about a lot of things regarding the upcoming inspection, but you should not forget about the air filters in your home. It will be evaluated for sure.

4. Fix the cracks

Roam around your house and see if there are any cracks. It doesn’t matter if it is on the wall or the floor. You have to fix it no matter how small it is to make sure you will not see that on the report.

5. Keep the pests out

Making sure that your home is not infested is important. If the inspector sees any pests or any signs of pest infestation, then you should be ready because I’m pretty sure you will not get a good evaluation.

6. Clear the branches

If you have trees in your backyard, make sure the branches are well maintained. The inspector should not see any braches that can affect the safety of your home.

There are a lot more things to consider if you want to pass the home inspection. The best tip I can give you is think yourself as the buyer. Fix everything that you wouldn’t like if you are the one who is trying to purchase the house.

Image by: NorthStarMoving.com

Image by: NorthStarMoving.com