a1Welcome to Mixson Home Inspections!

Mixson Home Inspections is the top home inspection company based in Okanagan, British Columbia. We provide absolute assurance on the properties that we inspect. We conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure any homeowners that there is no problem with the house structure. We see to it that the house is in good condition before any sale or for safety precautions.

We have been on the market for about twenty years. All these years, we have built a strong reputation that is why homeowners trust us with the safety of their home. We provide fair evaluation and homeowners can trust us that if a house passed our assessment, then it is good as brand new. We deliver facts and reveal anything that we found out to be a problem. Mixson Home Inspections is the biggest name in the industry of home inspection. We have conducted hundreds of evaluation that helped homeowners determine what part of the house needs improvement.

Mixson Home Inspections doesn’t just settle on providing the assessments. We also give out suggestions that can help people on how they can improve the condition of their homes. We are the only company that you can trust even with the smallest detail of your house.