The Importance of Home Inspection in British Columbia

Getting your home inspected adds great value to it. British Columbia is the only province of Canada that keeps a check on all its home inspectors and needs them to have a license.

Since March 2009, the rule has been applicable. All inspectors have to live up to certain standards of ethics and education to qualify.
They have to meet the qualifications and apply through any of the three licenses issuing associations of Canada.

Getting your home or whatever property you want to purchase inspected before you purchase offers great mental peace. It gives you surety about your investment too.

It will give you a greater insight of the property’s situation so you know what to expect for maintenance costs in the future.

Goals of an Inspection:
A home inspection helps you out in two ways. First, it gives you a detailed description and condition of everything in the structure, including the mechanical and wooden work in it.

Second, if the property has an issue with it that could cause losses in the future, you’ll know in advance.

After gathering this kind of information about the investment, you can make a sound decision.

Always keep in mind to add a clause to your contract (if the property hasn’t been inspected before the purchase) that if the property shows any structural flaws, the contract will be void.

What’s Involved in a Home Inspection?
A detailed home inspection involves many steps. From a visual examination of the whole building to testing of its heating, air condition, plumbing, insulation and electrical systems.

They also run tests to determine the quality of the structure’s foundation, ceilings, and floors.

Following the examination, the inspector will provide a report that not only points out possible defects or areas of concerns, but also the positive aspects of the structure and the maintenance that will be necessary to keep the home in good shape.

After examining the structure from top to bottom, the inspection officer will provide you with a report.
The report gives you details about the current condition, how it can be improved and what maintenance measures might be required in the near and far future.