Mixson Home Inspections delivers excellent and thorough inspection of homes. We have licensed and certified home inspectors who have been trained extensively to conduct the best job for your home. All our inspectors are professional and have strong integrity when it comes to doing the evaluation for your house.

Our company inspects even the smallest detail in your home. With Mixson Home Inspections, you can be assured that we will evaluate the attic, basement, crawl spaces, house foundation, roof, electrical wirings, water pipes, pests, windows and everything else inside or outside of your home. Once we have completed the full assessment, we will provide you a detailed inspection report, checklist on how you can improve your house, and even suggestions for home improvement companies.

We also process a follow-up evaluation if it is necessary for the improvement of your home. The best thing about Mixson Home Inspections is that we provide a very affordable price for our offered services. We understand that home improvement can cost you money so we make sure that we can provide the best price for our clients.

Mixson Home Inspections delivers accurate reports for your home. If you have any question about our services, you can easily reach us by sending an email at ask@mixsonhomeinspections.com.